allison MAKES
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Our Story

If you follow the trail of tiny snippets of paper you are likely to find Allison at the end of it


Despite her best efforts to control her creative brain and not be one of those artistic types going a million different directions Allison is just that!  She is always thinking, creating, crafting, marketing, planning, scheming, branding, making, and occassionally dancing.  She might have a pencil or a paint brush in her hand (or hair), or she might be using one of her digital design tools, but she is always creating.  

Allison's Work

Allison loves to create custom pieces for clients that speak directly to them.  The more personal the better.  Whether creating a piece of art for a nursery, hand lettering a logo for a branding package, or illustrating for a client, she wants to make something truly unique.  Interested in seeing more of her work, check here.  

Collaborate with Allison

Allison is taking on new projects at this time, but bookings are limited.  Please reach out to Allison, here.